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  • Made from high-quality wheat flour and 13 kinds of fresh vegetable puree, it is not burden on the stomach & easy to digest 
  • Suitable 7months and above
  • Suitable for six months and above
  • All natural 0 artificial
  • Long shape for easy gripping
  • Suitable for all ages
  • 6 flavours: Austrialia carrot, beetroot, butterfly pea, pumpkin, sweet potato, purple carrot
  • Suitable for 8 months
  • Weight: 210g
  • Easy to be digested and full of nutrients 
  • Suitable for 6mths baby till adults
  • 900g/pack
  • Suitable for 6months onwards
  • Special inulin enhance the absorption of calcium and good source of fiber
  • Weight: 200g per pack, can adjust the flavour based on baby's preference
  • Suitable for 7 months baby
  • Made from wheat flour. Brocoli, tomato, pumkin and filtered water
  • Organic and NO added sal
  • For 6 months old and above
  • No artificial sweeteners, additives or preservatives
  • Crunchy yet melts in the mouth
  • Made from only 3 original ingredients:  1) white rice + 2) brown rice + 3) pure apples / pure bananas / pure blueberries. 
  • Safe for baby
  • 50g ( 10g x 5 sachet packs )
  • 1st feed for baby who start solid food
  • Iron Fortified with Vitamin B1
  • Organic & HACCP certificate (Safe to consume)


  • Suitable for 18months onwards
  • Weight: 50g and Tomato soup is 80g
  • Traditionally fermented and more than 6 months fermentation
  • Made from 5 ingredients only
  • NO addictive
  • Suitable for 12 months ++ and Kid’s friendly
  • Certified Organic Healthy Treats. No Sugar Added.
  • For 6 months old and above
  • Crunchy yet no deep frying and melts in the mouth.