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He or She Wide Neck Antibacterial Milk Bottle
Price RM108.00 - RM128.00
Product SKU HOS-MB
Brand He or She
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 8 cm x 12 cm
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  • 4 colours available: Pink, Black, Grey, White
  • Anti-Bacterial materials
  • Mimics Natural Feeding

Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle
Parenthood is a wonderful experience and every parent wants to give their newborn a beautiful start. We believe that feeding is one of the most important exploration in the growth of a newborn. To feel mommy is the best feeling for a baby. Our silicone bottles are designed to bring your baby a feeling of mommy companion. While designing our bottle, we set out to solve several key issues with standard baby bottles. Our bottle helps avoid gassiness by venting through a unique air-control system. Additionally, we made an ultra-wide neck design and antibacterial materials been used for easy cleaning. Most of all, our silicone bottles solve the problem of “bottle rejection”and“nipple confusion”with a design that is very close to the real thing.“I FEEL MUMMY.”


Mimics Natural Feeding
160 days, 898 reverse breast molds, over 98 iterations, means this nipple were accepted by most babies. Ultra-soft nipple closely resemble a real breast, your baby is sure to get lost in the feeding experience. The unique air-control system allows the bottle to vent, which helps to avoid gassiness.


Hand Feeding Just Got Easier
The ergonomic contour grip design is easy for little hands to hold and accommodate babies’feeding positions.


Easy To Clean
The silicone bottle is designed with a 65mm ultra-wide neck, meaning you can easily clean it with your whole hand


Product highlights:

  • Mimics Natural Feeding
  • Ergonomic comfortable gripFeeding
  • Designed to help reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic or spit up
  • silicone material,BPA free
  • Ideal for combining bottle feeding and breastfeeding
  • Anti-Bacterial materials
  • Nipple is 100% silicone, soft, flexible and designed for optical compression
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • 5oz/160ML, S-flow nipple
  • 8oz/240ML, X-flow nipple
  • Max Heat-Resistant 180℃/356℉
  • Cap allow to easy to remove
  • Microwave and Top rack dishwasher safe










  • 模仿自然喂养
  • 符合人体工程学的舒适抓地力
  • 旨在帮助减少气体摄入,这可能是绞痛或吐痰的潜在原因
  • 硅树材料,不含BPA
  • 结合了奶瓶喂养和母乳喂养的理想选择
  • 抗菌材料
  • 乳头为100%硅胶,柔软,有弹性,专为光学压缩而设计
  • 易于组装和清洁
  • 160毫升,S流量奶嘴
  • 240毫升,X流量奶嘴
  • 最高耐热180℃/ 356℉
  • 盖子易于拆卸
  • 微波炉和顶置式洗碗机安全