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Double Happiness Creamy Soup
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Brand Double Happiness
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  • Suitable for 18months onwards
  • Weight: 50g and Tomato soup is 80g

There are three creamy soups for your option


1. Cream of Anything Soup Mix: Western-style creamy soup base can be paired with various vegetables, and meat , can match with pasta. Quick and easy for preparation

2. Creamy White Buttom Mushroom Soup Mix: Add water, milk or fresh cream and boil to make creamy soup with vegetables and meat (white mushroom particles

3. Signature Tomato creamy soup: Add water to make tomato soup, it goes well with either it’s western or Chinese style


1. 西式浓汤汤底可以搭配各式蔬菜,肉做成白浓汤.快速简单准备

2. 白蘑菇浓汤- 加水,奶或者鲜奶油煮滚即可配搭菜和肉做浓汤 (保留白蘑菇颗粒)

3. 番茄浓汤: 加水即可做成番茄浓汤,不管是西式或中式非常好搭配